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ilovecharts: Stereotyping In Europe

S&P may downgrade European bailout fund AAA rating via Associated Press


Its members are tech-savvy youngsters who wear hooded sweatshirts, throw cool parties and play up their group’s name with pirate boats. But don’t let the cool facade fool you. They won 9 percent of the vote in Berlin’s parliamentary elections. That puts them well ahead of the laissez-faire Free Democratic Party, a long-established party and part of Angela Merkel’s established coalition.

The rise of the Pirate Party, which started in Sweden in 2006 and initially gained strength around The Pirate Bay’s legal troubles, is now a multi-country political empire. And when someone up-and-up on international affairs like Fareed Zakaria is fascinated in your story (over such boring things as Palestine formally submitting a UN bid), that’s good news. Folks like Zakaria give credence and credibility to the party’s work.